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Animal Care


  •  Identify and provide for basic and specialized care for a variety of domestic and exotic animals.
  • Daily cleaning practices of enclosures
  • Diet preparation and feeding of animals
  • Assist with monthly parasite control
  • Practise time management skills
  • Performance of repetitive tasks with efficiency
  • Independent completion of tasks with attention to details
  • Professional skill development applicable to all weather conditions
  • Anticipate and solve problems in a real life setting
  • Implementation of daily documentation

  • Initiative to complete research

Additional Opportunities
  • Weekly one to one check ins with Supervisor

  • Experience with domestic and exotic animals

  • Build awareness of a variety of animal assisted programs

  • Knowledge of animal behaviour through Zones of Regulation and how it pertains to animals

  • Education on animal nutrition and enrichment

  • Safe  and appropriate handling of animals

  • Ability to create effective working environments within an inter-professional team

  • Experience a program that utilizes traditional and non traditional animals to support well being and education

If you are interested in pursuing a clinical internship at Nova’s Ark, we ask that you read our website and submit your resume and cover letter to: novasark@sympatico.ca . All candidates will participate in a 3-hour working interview to see if we are the clinical education setting for you.

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