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College Placement


  • Professional skill development in non-traditional setting

  • Develop respectful relationships with participants and their families

  • Daily Resource facilitated pre-planning and debrief meetings to advocate and discuss ethical topics

  • Assess and respond to the strengths and needs of participants to meet varied abilities

  • Plan , implement  and adapt activities for individualized and group programming 

  • Apply communication and teamwork within inter-professional group to support individuals’ goals

Additional Opportunities
  • Daily on-site support from an inter-professional resource team

  • Modelling of interventions for high-risk clients

  • Exposure to self regulation strategies and proactive de-escalation techniques

  • Implementation of a strength based approach

  • Relevant Seminar /Workshop Opportunities

  • Weekly one-on- one check-ins with Supervisors

  • Establishing connections with partnering community agencies

  • Acquire professional and clinical skill sets highly regarded by community employers

If you are interested in pursuing a clinical internship at Nova’s Ark, we ask that you read our website and submit your resume and cover letter to: novasark@sympatico.ca . All candidates will participate in a 3-hour working interview to see if we are the clinical education setting for you.

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