Community Team Building

Due to Covid-19, our 2022 Community Team Building will be cancelled for now. Nova’s Ark will be continuing with our Out of the Box Programming.

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Building team is important for every organization! We invite you to bring your staff and have a day of interactive experiences as you learn about our guests and therapeutic animals! Our team will be very excited to connect with you and create a meaningful, individualized day. Here are some common Community Staff Building’s at Nova’s Ark!

Community Outreach Day

Thank you for wanting to make such a difference at Nova’s Ark! Your team brings such excitement, passion and dedication by contributing in your own way. Many enjoy painting, gardening, sharing a book and more! We welcome you to join us for the day and experience Nova’s Ark!

Staff Team Building Opportunity

Nova’s Ark will provide opportunities for you to experience our philosophy first hand. It is the hope that your team will be able to continue on in your professional journey with new insights. Our community has become a large pond.Your ripple effect will make a difference for all you interact with.

Available for booking between May 1 – Aug 31.

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