Child and Youth Support
Brief info

Abbi arrived at Nova's Ark in May of 2021 to complete her placement for her Child and Youth Care degree from Toronto Metropolitan University. Following that, she took on the role of a Summer Mentor for two years and now, is happy to be a member of our support team full-time as a Child and Youth Care worker. As a Child and Youth Care Worker, Abbi’s role is to offer support and resources through one-on-one programming, aimed at helping children and youth attain their personal objectives. Abbi's approach to programming centers around utilizing a strength-based approach by building on her participant's strengths to aid them in achieving their goals. This approach ensures a unique and personalized approach that aligns with the specific needs and abilities of each individual she works with. Abbi enjoys creating fun activities that not only engage children and youth but also creates an inclusive space for learning and personal development. She believes incorporating enjoyment into the process is key to fostering a positive and receptive environment.

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