Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA)
Brief info

Cassidy started her journey at Nova’s Ark in April 2022 as an intern. Cassidy instantly felt connected to the community at Nova’s Ark and the like-minded people who were around her. She was a summer staff mentor the following summer and then became a part of the support staff team as an occupational therapist assistant after graduating from the program in June 2022. Cassidy’s role as an OTA at Nova’s Ark is to help each individual participant she works with achieve their goals. Through collaboration with our Occupational Therapist, she supports our participants with their physical, cognitive and emotional goals. Currently, Cassidy is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Trent University to help further her knowledge and ability to support our participants. She is very passionate about bringing her knowledge to Nova’s Ark to help support every participant she works with.

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