Social Work Support
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Ethan began his journey with us as a Social Work placement student at Trent University in 2021. Going into his placement, Ethan saw how unique our programming was, how we value difference and the true focus on inclusion. Ethan also loved the outdoor aspect of Nova's Ark and how that matches his personality and energy very well. This was all confirmed during his placement when he fell in love with the work and team involved here. After graduating with his Bachelor of Social Work, he was brought on as a member of our Support Staff. Ethan supports our participants one-on-one or in small groups, focusing on helping them grow and working towards their goals. Ethan’s work finds the balance between silliness and seriousness, where participants are given a safe space to work through all aspects of their mental health. Whether playing pretend or talking about challenges in life, Ethan uses his insight and listening skills to help participants feel heard, seen, and valued, guiding them toward their goals and well-being.

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