Child and Youth Support Worker
Brief info

Kassidy is our Child and Youth Worker Support. She began her journey at Nova’s Ark as a placement student in 2019 and was a mentor through the summer for Exploration Day in 2020. Kassidy is very passionate about Nova’s Ark and working with each and every amazing guest. Kassidy works with higher priority guests to implement strategies that meet each individual's programming goals. She utilizes the "Zones of Regulation" with each guest to foster their understanding of recognizing and communicating how they are feeling. Kassidy models appropriate social communication, positivity, and kindness while working with everyone at Nova’s Ark. Kassidy is very creative and is always fostering ‘Out of the Box‘ thinking while implementing activity and program planning. Her role also includes being flexible to support fellow support staff, college/university students, other guests and the Resource Team. Kassidy always strives to create laughter in each day!

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