Occupational Therapist Reg. (Ont.)
Brief info

Kristina is a registered Occupational Therapist (OT) who is passionate about combining her passions for teaching mindful movement, being creative, connecting with nature and working with her guests to empower them to reach their goals! Kristina had the pleasure of completing one of her placements for her Occupational Therapy Master's degree at Nova’s Ark in 2018, and immediately recognized how special this space is. Kristina joined us as a full-time Occupational Therapist in June 2021.

Kristina takes a strength-based approach to therapy, focusing on meeting our participants where they are to find strategies and interventions to help them grow their skills, achieve their goals and enjoy new experiences. Kristina works in a family-oriented manner, connecting with families and the other teams our participants work with to create individualized goals. Occupational Therapy looks different for every child; from assisting with gross motor and therapeutic movement to assessing comfort and safety in mobility devices, exploring hesitancy around food and clothing, providing strategies to succeed in school and life skills, and working on mental health strategies, self-esteem and mindfulness. The possibilities at Nova’s Ark are endless!

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