Social Worker (MSW, RSW)
Brief info

Robyn’s passion for Nova’s Ark and supporting our participants and their families began during her internship in 2018. Robyn has taken on many different positions within Nova’s Ark throughout the years and is thrilled to be back as our full-time master’s level social worker. Robyn strongly believes that every individual has their own strengths and can reach their full potential in a supportive environment that listens to their needs. Robyn has felt the positive impact that Nova’s Ark can provide through the unique and therapeutic environment and wanted to continue her journey supporting our incredible guests and their families.

Robyn’s main focus is providing individual and/ or group counselling and supporting our guests to work towards their social communication goals. Robyn aims to build connections with families, outside agencies, and to advocate for the needs of our guests. Additionally, Robyn provides intermediate mentoring to university social work students working towards their master's and future careers.

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