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Youth Orientation

We love the passion and willingness to learn!

A helping hand always goes a long way.

Nova’s Ark holds Volunteer Orientation Sessions in the Spring (Mar/Apr/May) of each year. Youth (12 years or older) interested in becoming a volunteer, may register to attend one of these Sunday sessions along with the attendance of a parent or guardian. This half-day information session will include an introduction to the philosophy and focus of Nova’s Ark, along with the roles and responsibilities of a volunteer.

Once an orientation is completed, prospective volunteers will have the opportunity to sign-up to continue with Training Sessions in 4 Key Areas which will include:

  • Circle of Friends Part 1
  • Circle of Friends Part 2
  • Horse Maintenance Behaviour
  • Pony/Goat Maintenance Behaviour

These four key areas must be successfully completed within the designated six week training period. To be a volunteer you must be independent on-site.

For further inquire questions, please email our Volunteer Co-ordinator at volunteer.novasark@bell.net.

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